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Aircraft Electronic Flight Instrument

Aircraft Electronic Flight Instrument


The Aircraft Electronic Flight Instrument (EFIS) System Trainer is intended for instruction on aircraft electronic flight instrument systems. It comes complete, tested, and ready to operate including a fault panel for the instructor. The unit is useful as a stand-alone system or for demonstrating the transition from analog to digital technologies. 


  • Full functional primary flight display (PFD) for attitude/directional guidance with electronic engine monitoring and detailed moving-map multifunction display (MFD) capabilities.
  • Clearly visualize terrain features, obstacles, waterways, and airport locations on the 7-inch high definition display.
  • Equipped with a comprehensive sensor package for ADAHRS, engine monitoring, plus magnetometer and temperature probe.
  • Approved and acceptable standards for aircraft wiring harnesses.


  • Air Data Sensors: Airspeed, Altitude, OAT
  • Engine Sensors: 4 x CHT, 4 x EGT, Oil Temperature, Oil Pressure, Fuel Flow, Fuel Quantity, Manifold Pressure, Ammeter Shunt, Engine RPM 
  • Airframe Sensor Inputs: Pitch Trim, Roll Trim, Flap Position, Speed Brake, Aircraft Main Door, Aircraft Alternate Door, Baggage Door 
  • Avionics Interfaces: GPS, Transponder, Autopilot, NAV/Comm 


  •  11 0V AC or 220V AC at 60/50 Hz, single phase