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Aircraft Navigation System Trainer

Aircraft Navigation System Trainer

Code: PN# RA-AV-21

The AIRCRAFT NAVIGATION SYSTEM TRAINER consists of fully functional aircraft navigational equipment used in a typical general aviation aircraft. This RA-AV-21 trainer includes secondary radar equipment (Distance Measuring Equipment (DME) and Transponder), and radio navigation equipment (VOR, LOC, GS, MB, and ADF). The Model AT-09 may be upgraded with the optional feature to include satellite navigation(GPS). The RA-AV-21 AIRCRAFT NAVIGATION SYSTEM TRAINER has been designed with students' safety in mind. The wiring and warning signage is in accord a nee with standard practices prevalent in the aerospace industry. The RA-AV-21 panel-mounted test set is capable of testing and calibrating DME, Transponder, and ARINC568 Digital DME Indicators. The test set can perform several tasks, such as:

  • Adjacent Channel Test.
  • Generating DME serial data stream.
  • Measuring: Accuracy and Tracking, Acquisition Time, DME Transmitter Frequency and Power, Echo and Co-Channel Performance, Pulse Position Decoder Accuracy, Receiver Memory Time, Receiver Bandwidth and Sensitivity, Transmitter Pulse Characteristics. 
  • Provision of a -1 nm Range delay, if selected.
  • Testing ARI NC 568 Digital DME Indicators.


  • ADF, MB, and NAV antennas.
  • ADF and NAV indicators (NAV indicator for VOR/LOC, and GS display).
  • ADF and MB receiver (MB receiver with outer, middle, and inner marker indicators).
  • Navigation receiver with GS.
  • Splitter for VOR/LOC and GS signals.