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Aircraft Pneumatic System Trainer

Aircraft Pneumatic System Trainer

Code: PN# RA-AS86

Aircraft Pneumatic System Trainer PN# RA-AS86 can be operated by a switch that allows the air pressure from a reservoir to operate an actuator. This RA-AS86 is designed to provide hands-on training on a functional pneumatic system that uses actual aircraft parts. The system represents a pneumatic system that is used as an emergency backup for a hydraulic system. 

A typical example is the emergency braking system in case of hydraulically actuated brake failure. The reservoir can be refilled after use from any pressurized air source like shop air or air compressor commonly found in AMT schools.


  • All components of pneumatic mounted on a vertical panel
  • Durable and moveable steel frame
  • Study casters
  • Instructor/ User manual including student Lab. Practice
  • Computer-based training included


  • Pneumatic actuator
  • Pneumatic filter
  • Pneumatic pressure gauge
  • Pneumatic reservoir
  • Valves: Check valve, Relief valve, Filler valve, Shuttle valve, Selenoid control valve
  • All necessary plumbing and fittings