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Aircraft Turbine Fuel System

Aircraft Turbine Fuel System

Code: PN# RA-18TFS

This trainer is designed as an advanced turbine type system that operates like a typical aircraft fuel system and features a fuel management panel, fuel transfer system and capacitance, and resistance fuel quantity indication system. 


  • Aircraft quality wiring corresponds to diagrams, allowing easy troubleshooting
  • The instructor's panel in the rear of the trainer allows the introduction of typical system faults and errors
  • All components are mounted on a custom, roll around work stand
  • Delivered fully assembled, tested, and ready to plug in and operate
  • Instructor and student operations training manuals (with aircraft-style troubleshooting charts, flow schematics, component cutaway diagrams, and all wiring diagrams)


  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 483 x 1651 x 1705 (mm)
  • 110 volt AC with a power input cord to allow easy classroom placement


  • Main/ auxiliary fuel tanks
  • Fuel management panel with fuel quantity indicators, fuel pressure indicators, fuel flow indicator, system indicator lights, system circuit breakers, and system control switches
  • Capacitance type fuel quantity indicating system with signal conditioner, resistance spool, fuel-quantity probe, and indicator
  • Turbin FCU section with the throttle, fuel nozzle, and see-through combustion chamber
  • Resistance type fuel quantity indicating system with fuel quantity probe
  • Turbine type fuel system with fuel boost pump, pressure bypass relief valve, firewall shut-off valve,
  • fuel gas collator with drain, and fuel flow transmitter
  • Fuel transfer system with fuel transfer pump, transfer pump pressure switch with check valve, automatic transfer pump activation sensor and switch, transfer system timer relay, and transistorised transfer switch.