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Digital Air Data Leak Tester

Digital Air Data Leak Tester

Code: PN# RA-M6150

The 6150 Tester connects directly to an aircraft's Pitot and Static system. It allows the user to simulate altitude, airspeed, and VSI and also to perform leak checks on both the Pitot and Static systems of an aircraft. The high accuracy of the digital transducers used in the tester makes it suitable for performing leak checks on RVSM-capable aircraft. The tester has built-in, high-capacity vacuum and pressure pumps that make it capable of handling leak-checks on any type of aircraft, including wide-­body transport and cargo aircraft. Leak values are clearly displayed in 1, 3, and 5-minute intervals. Several protection features are included in the tester to reduce the possibility of damage to the aircraft instruments. The solid-state transducers are immune to damage due to pressure surges. The tester requires no maintenance and needs to be calibrated only once a year. 


  • Static output can be displayed in Feet, Meters, inHg, or mbar.
  • Pitot output can be displayed in knots, kmph, inHg or mbar.
  • Protection against over-range of altitude (high and low) Protection against over-range of airspeed (high and low) Protection against negative airspeed (even during power­loss)
  • Protection against excessive leak rates
  • Solid-state transducers are not damaged by pressure surges
  • Precision Metering valves allow very fine control of altitude, VSI, and airspeed
  • Pressure and Vacuum pumps are integral to the unit so no manual pumping is required
  • High capacity vacuum and pressure pumps are capable of overcoming large leaks on any aircraft.
  • Leak checks on Pitot and Static systems are done simultaneously
  • During Leak Check, actual altitude, VSI, and airspeed are constantly displayed
  • Actual values and Accumulated leaks of altitude and airspeed are displayed for 1, 3, and 5 minute periods
  • Cross-bleed and Vent valves allow easy venting to "Ground"
  • The unit can be operated on aircraft power (110 V AC/400 Hz)
  • No warm-up time
  • No Maintenance required other than yearly calibration
  • Extremely simple two-point calibration done in inHg