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Fire Detection (Sensor) and Extinguisher

Fire Detection (Sensor) and Extinguisher

Code: PN# AS-60


  • Fire warning horn
  • Operations training manual (with all wiring diagrams)
  • Multi-engine alarm circuit
  • System training manual
  • The multi-engine spot detector system
  • Multi-engine warning lights
  • Fire warning light
  • Fire extinguisher bottle and discharge line
  • Continuous loop detector system, with control box
  • System test circuit


  • Dimensions (L x W x H) : 483 x 966 x 1931 (mm)
  • 110 volt AC power

Custom Fire Detection Options 

The basic Rama Aviation AS-60 fire detection and extinguishing system include two detection systems and an extinguishing system. Three optional detection systems are also available. The trainer can be ordered with any combination of these five detection systems. Contact Rama Aviation for a quote on a custom combination. 

Infrared Detection Option

The AS60-IR version adds an infrared heat sensor system to the basic AS-60. This unit includes all of the items listed with the AS-60 plus the following additional items:

  • Additional Features
  • Amplifier
  • Infrared heat sensor