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Equipment of Avionics System

Equipment of Avionics System

Code: PN# RA-4AT

This product is designed to provide practical, hands-on instruction with actual aircraft avionics instruments.


  • Includes a complete Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) avionics package. All components are fully functional
  • and operational
  • Components are mounted on a custom, roll-around work stand and cabinet
  • Operations training manuals (with all wiring diagrams)


  • Dimensions (L x W x H) : 940 x 860 x 2390 (mm) (height includes antennas)
  • Pentium or faster PC computer (not supplied with unit)
  • Requires only standard 110-volt AC power. Delivered ready to plug in and operate


  • Basic IFR Avionics package, including:
  • Microphone - Blind encoder
  • VOR indicator
  • Intercom
  • GPS
  • Marker beacon receiver
  • Audio Panel
  • Dual headsets
  • Transponder
  • ILS indicator
  • Two standard NavCom radios
  • Aircraft Direction Finder (ADF) with indicator
  • System training manual with unit specifications and technical data
  • Functioning altitude system for encoder operation
  • Ramp tester to test VOR, COMM, Market beacon, glide slope, and localiser