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loT Healthcare Trainer 


PN#: CZM-2015

Price: call


Smart Healthcare

  • The basic concept of the Internet of Things [Smart Devices – Gateway –Communication – IoT Platform – IoT Service] is configured for each step of learning.

  • This technology combines the Internet of Things and healthcare.

  • To learn the process of remote monitoring and service development step by step using measured data.

Diverse Contents and Trusted Platforms

  • It consists of Pulse/Oxygenation, Body temperature, Blood pressure, ECG(Electrocardiogram), Phonocardiogram, EMG(Electromyogram), and Electrooculogram instruments to measure 8 different biological signals.

  • Touch-type monitoring panel for easy viewing of measured data

  • Practice developing firmware for each module

  • KT IoT Platform, operated by a Korean telecommunication company, enables remote monitoring of data with various dashboards and graphs and enables various IoT service development and learning through event function.


  • IoT technology integrated bio-signal measurement practical device
  • Consisted with IoT bio-signal measurement, IoT Gateway, IoT Platform
  • Enable to practice IoT whole system from bio-signal measurement device to IoT healthcare service
  • Bio-signal measurement module supplied in wire / wireless environment
  • Enable to measurement the blood Pulse, oxygen saturation, Temperature, Blood pressure, electrocardiogram(ECG), Phonocardiogram(PCG), Electromyogram(EMG), Elctrooculogram(EOG)
  • Enable programming practice for data measurement firmware using Arduino
  • 7 modules measurement at once
  • Bio-signal measurement device data monitoring by interworking with IoT Platform