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loT Home Service Trainer


PN# : CZM-5018

Price: call


KT GIGA IoTMakers Compatible Program Certification

  • It is easy to connect and test IoT devices through the IoTMakers, and IoT services can be created through the data management and OPEN API provided.

  • Device management through IoT platform, the status of devices through the Dashboard, real-time data monitoring, and device control through Android App. - Telecom IoT Cloud Platform available (KT IoTMakers) - Build own IoT platform available (Optional)

IoT Home Service Module

  • Modularized to enable WIFI communication using products actually used in the home

IoT Service Development Practice

  • Provide NCS(National Competency Standards)-based training curriculum
  • You can set event conditions and control the device in the IoT Platform using the communication and control functions of each IoT Home Service module


  • Device for Integration IoT Home service practice
  • Enable to practice IoT technical element such as IoT home device, IoT Gateway, IoT Cloud Platform
  • Enable to practice the whole IoT system from IoT device to IoT service
  • Real home devices are installed by the concept
  • The IoT devices are composed with Power Control, Light Control, Gas Control, Door Lock, Air Conditioning, Application, IP Camera, Security
  • Data communicate with Wi-Fi device or BLE device and IoT Platform
  • Real-time monitoring or control of the saved sensor and module data in IoT Platform
  • Interworking practice between sensor and sensor or module and module
  • Different module or device concurrent control through event control