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loT Trainer


PN#: CZM-4017

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KT GIGA IoTMakers Compatible Program Certification

  • It is easy to connect and test IoT devices through the IoTMakers, and IoT services can be created through the data management and OPEN API provided.

  • Device management through IoT platform, the status of devices through the Dashboard, real-time data monitoring, and device control through Android App. - Telecom IoT Cloud Platform available (KT IoTMakers) - Build own IoT platform available (Optional).

IoT Smart Device production

  • You can build and practice your own Smart Device using 20 different sensors and actuators.

  • WIFI Communication-Based Device Production / BLE(Bluetooth Low Energy) Communication-Based Device Production.

Device Individual Connections and Group Connections Practice available

  • Wi-Fi Direct connection practice
  • Group Connection using Gateway - WIFI Communication-Based Device / BLE(Bluetooth Low Energy) Communication-Based Device


  • Enable to understand IoT technology element
  • Basically, onboard the microprocessor to IoT Device and enable apply the various sensor module to practice
  • Support the IoT Device with applied Bluetooth Low Energy module (BLE Device) and Wi-Fi module (Wi-Fi Device)
  • IoT Gateway collects sensor module data of intelligence device using BLE or Wi-Fi and transmit the sensor data to IoT Platform and transit the received data from IoT Platform to device
  • BLE or Wi-Fi intelligence device built in the battery to operating with commercial power and emergency power as well so that easy movement and convenience practice under BLE or Wi-Fi area
  • Support 27 kinds of sensor or Actuator modules to various IoT device practice
  • IoT Embedded Gateway enables auto-detection and management of the operating IoT device
  • Enable monitoring or control the IoT device through IoT Platform based on Web and possible to interworking setting with different IoT device
  • IoT Device data be able to remote monitoring and control by PC and Mobile through Server based on Web