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Refrigeration and Freezing Trainer

Refrigeration and Freezing Trainer 


PN#: CZM-2000

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  • The possibility of the experiment on temperature, pressure defrosting auto control of the automatic pressure-control device, and mechanical trouble 
  • A check of change of the refrigeration system according to expansion valve's shape and function with connecting expansion valve of other types.
  • The experiment on cycle change of refrigeration equipment according to temperature and Mollier diagram drawing in P-1 diagram drawing part.
  • Theoretical education of efficiency test and experiment while operating.
  • The sequence screen attached to the graphic module control department and power automatic control machine for the experiment on temperature, pressure, and automatic control and operation.
  • The control department is made up of visual lamps separated system from the machine department.
  • Automatic control with the graphic panel and two automatic control modules.
  • Data formation by data auto-saving and P-1 diagram auto operation in the system with the control program.


  • Compressor: 1/2HP,

  • Condenser: Air-cooled type
  • Evaporator: pin, Tube air-cooled type
  • Evaporator chamber, damper 320*350*500, damper
  • Expansion Valve: manual type 1ea capillary tube type 1ea
  • Liquid receiver: 1/2HP
  • Accumulator: 1HP
  • Electronic valve : 3/8" nut clamp type
  • Manometer
  • Fitting nipple
  • Sight Glass
  • Electric control module: DC24V
  • Graphic module: digital DC24V
  • Thermostat range(?ea) : -40°C~100°C
  • Pressure switch range :
  • Low side : 0bar~5bar High side : 5bar~30bar