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Stand Up Virtual Welding MIG Stick

Stand Up Virtual Welding MIG + Stick


PN#: RM-VW-65

Price: call


Useful to learn about the basic theory of welding as well as easy it to use and accelerate students to learn correct welding.


  • Train students in the correct and correct welding.
  • Train the correct hand position in welding, namely the working angle, the angle of movement, the speed of motion, and the distance between the torch and the welding object.
  • Welding without using plate, gas & electricity so as to save costs.
  • Reducing the risk of welding.
  • Using 3D Helmet, sound effects, and advanced software


  • Welding Torch for MIG (GMAW) welding, Original AW5000 Multilock, torch neck, Hosepack 2,3 m, original Torch.
  • Welding Torch for Stick welding (SMAW): torch stick, hose pack 2,3 m.
  • Helmet visor 3000 Ohne Blendkassette VR Googles.
  • eMagin Z800 3D integrated VR Glasses.
  • Workpieces, namely workpieces for welding exercises of various types.