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Vertical Wind Tunnels

A wind tunnel allows one to train a set of special skills efficiently: essential skills & mental preparation for a free fall; free-fall maneuvers, recovery from unstable positions; free fall with full equipment attached– weapons, night vision, oxygen masks, baggage containers, etc.

More importantly, workouts can be performed for unlimited flight time in a safe environment and any weather conditions.

AERODIUM is the most experienced vertical wind tunnel manufacturer for the military and the only one that offers a full product range between low and high budget categories.

Types of Vertical Wind Tunnels


For public use, shows, & rental.Sizes from 6.9 - 9 ft diameter

Wall to Wall

For public, skydiver, and military applications. Sizes from 9 - 12.1 ft diameter


For public, skydiver, show, & military applications. Sizes from 9.8 - 16.4 ft diameter

Custom Made

Wind tunnels for unique applications built on a per-project basis. Sizes & Prices depending on application

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